Story of Field Marshal Manik Shaw and anonymous war hero Paagi, Maharishi Aaazaad

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad, the international brand ambassador of Sanskrit and a student of military school, said that in every war there are many more heroes who remain anonymous. Such heroes are only patriotic and do not bother any respect.

Sanskrit Mahanayak Aazaad said that today I tell the story of one such hero. The old shepherd in the photo was in fact the greatest royal and hero of the army, who was a strong craftsman behind the scenes of victory of the war of 65 and 71.

It was in 2008 when Field Marshal Manek Shaw was admitted to Wellington Hospital, Tamil Nadu, Madras. The situation was grave, but he used to take a name repeatedly in the quasi-fueled state, 'Pagi-Pagi!' One day the doctors asked "Sir, who is this Paagi?" Sam Sahab himself explained him in detail.

1971, India had won the war, General Manek Shaw was in Dhaka. Ordered to call Paagi, I will eat dinner with him today! A Chopper was sent. While boarding the chopper, there was a bag of pagis, the officers were stunned to open the bag before placing them in the helicopter as per the rules, because it contained two rotis, onions and a dish of gram flour (gathiya). One meal was eaten by Sam Sahab and the other by Paagi. Ranchoddas post was named as a border post of Suigaon International Border area of North Gujarat, it was the first time that a common man should have an army post in his name, along with his idol, Paagi means 'guide', the person who led the way in the desert, and that Ranchoddas Rabari was the Paagi whom General Sam Manik Shaw used to call by this name.