The Ultimate Megastar Of World Maharishi Aazaad says Come Out and Work, Don’t Let The COVID-19 win

The Ultimate Megastar Of World Maharishi Aazaad said, living in a developing nation like India it's important to fight the pandemic and start working. There is a huge economic setback and crisis in India during this pandemic. People need to come out and start working with all the precautions needed.

The Ultimate Megastar Of World Maharishi Aazaad also said that people are starving to death because of the fear of COVID-19 and lack of money, thousands of companies have stopped hiring people, people are losing jobs. If we don't start working we will eventually die and let the COVID-19 win. Also the consumption products have become extremely expensive due to lack of suppliers. The labourers and suppliers have reduced so the products have become expensive.

Following all the precautions is crucial and it's important to start functioning, says The Ultimate Megastar of world Maharishi Aazaad.

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