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Yoga alone cannot lay the foundation of a Stronger body - Maharishi Aazaad

New Delhi 2/1/2021 :

Student of military school, International brand ambassador of sanskrit, Sanskrit Shiromani, Sanskrit Kalanidhi and Sanskrit Mahanayak, The Ultimate Megastar of World Maharishi Aazaad, who, through the proclamation of Aham Brahmasmi spreaded the Brahmavakya of Vedas to every corner of world, said that “Yoga alone cannot lay the foundation of stronger body and healthier lifestyle. It is important for a person to keep balance in his/her athleticism, Strong body and healthy mind, which can only be attained through the combination of Akhada, Malla Khamb, BodyBuilding, Weightlifting, Wrestling, regular exercise as well as Yoga practices. Keeping the balance between all these aspects, one can have a stronger body. If a person practices Yoga alone, he is bound to have a slim but not a stronger one. Yoga is only meant for people who are either ill, Physically injured, mentally weak or in old age.”

Maharishi Aazaad who is currently in New Delhi for the preparation of Vishwa Sanskrit Maha Sammelan, The Biggest Sanskrit Seminar Of World, in an interview to International News Bureau said that “For making people aware of their Stronger physique, Mental Stability and Athletic body. We are starting Maharishi Gymnesium, which focuses on all the aspects of a Human Body through Akhada, Malla Khamb, BodyBuilding, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Exercise and Yoga.

Maharshi Aazaad Said Maharishi Gymnesium will open in many parts of India, as well as in several locations of the World. I along with my team at Maharishi Gymnesium will aim at creating a stronger and healthier Society.”

It is a notable fact that, Maharishi Aazaad spent his childhood under the influence of Greats like Late. Rustame Hind Dara Singh, Late. Hind Kesari Changdi Ram and Late. Hind Kesari Maruti Mane. International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit, Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad is also known for his participation in Akhada, Malla Khamb, BodyBuilding, Weightlifting, Wrestling and Yoga. Maharishi Gymnesium will take forward the legacy of Wrestling greats in coming times and make the entire India Strong.


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