We Should Not Lose Hope...We Will Soon Over Come This Deadly Disease, Megastar Aazaad

Military School student, International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Megastar Aazaad says that Coronavirus is spreading around the world, but there are still no vaccines to protect the body against the disease it causes which is COVID-19. But the Sanskrit Mahanayak also said that we the global citizens of the world should not lose our hope as we all are in this together.

The First Nationalist Megastar of India, Megastar Aazaad says that though Corona Virus is a huge pandemic disease and it had managed to unite the whole world as citizens. And the Medical researchers are working hard to come up with the COVID-19 Vaccine. And Megastar Aazaad salutes and is thankful to each and every doctor, nurses, medical researchers, helpers and everyone who are risking their lives for us and serving us.

Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Aazaad is one of the World’s biggest Corona Warrior Internationally as he is making the world aware of by making films and videos on Disaster caused by Corona Virus Outbreak. He also talked about how the Coronavirus Vaccine is important for us. He explained that the virus is spreading easily and the majority of the world’s population is still vulnerable to it. A COV