The Ultimate Megastar of World Says, The Root Cause of Crime In India Is Lack Of Education.

The Ultimate Megastar of the World Maharishi Aazaad is the only filmmaker in the world who is making movies in multiple languages with a noble purpose to unite the whole world through Art, Culture, Literature and Cinematic Creation with his Cinematic Talent.

The international Ambassador of Sanskrit Maharishi Aazaad said, Lack of education is a fundamental problem in India, it marginalizes the people, forcing them to live in depravity. The poor are desperate to move out of depravity, they don’t have much of a choice as such when they decide to walk the criminal path.

Student of Military School Maharishi Aazaad, also further stated that, the infrastructural state and poor qualification of the school teachers is also highly worrisome. 40% of the schools were without electricity and 31% of the teachers were not being graduates. All this creates a predicament for the socio-economically deprived groups, who can’t afford a private school to educate their child. While some children get involved in menial labor in order to earn a living, many of them get entrapped within the criminal world and indulge in Shameful Acts like Rape.