Sanskrit Megastar Maharishi Aazaad will be present at the 230th Foundation Year celebrations of Samp

Varanasi News : 30-08-2020

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwa Vidyalaya, Kashi, Varanasi is going to add a golden digital chapter in the history of its great journey.  On 31 August, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Kashi, Varanasi is going to present its 230-year historical Acharya tradition in the form of documentaries. 

The University Registrar, Raj Bahadur, said that a series of documentaries called Vidvad Vaibhav tradition will be released in the Bauddh kaksh auditorium of the university. It will be done in the auditorium at one o'clock in the afternoon. According to the Registrar Raj Bahadur, the said series of documentaries will be released at the historical event in the holy presence of Shankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati Maharaj of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth-, chief guest, famous Bollywood filmmaker-director Rajkumar Santoshi and distinguished guest celebrated student of the Bhonsala military school, internationally renowned Sanatani writer-director-actor, the International Ambassador of Sanskrit, Sanskrit Kalanidhi, Sanskrit Shiromani Megastar Maharishi Aazaad.

The said inauguration program will be chaired by Prof. Rajaram Mishra, Vice-Chancellor of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. In the first episode, a biography of forty Sanskrit scholars is being presented. This innovative and historical plan has been directed by Prof. Rajaram Mishra, Vice-Chancellor of the University, and Dr. Madhusudan Mishra of the Department of  Astrology and Dr. Raja Pathak.

It is noteworthy that by the immense contribution, dedication and tenacity of the Sanskrit Vidvat Samaj the 230 years old Banaras Sanskrit Pathshala is standing tall with all its glory and history as  Sampurnanand Sanskrit university. In  today’s scenario for the promotion and protection  of Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad has launched his global mission Sanskrit with his timeless classic, the first mainstream Sanskrit film Aham Brahmasmi. Maharshi Aazaad has done an unprecedented creative act of hoisting the flag of  Sanskrit and cultural nationalism on the international level.