Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad reveals his last pictures with Tragedy King Dilip Kumar

Sanskrit Shiromani, Sanskrit Kalanidhi, Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit and the Cultural Ambassador of World Maharishi Aazaad, who promoted and projected the Sanskrit language by spreading Bhrahma Vakya of Vedas 'Aham Brahmasmi' all over the word, payed his tribute to The Tragedy King Dilip Kumar.

Maharishi Aazaad said that, "Dilip Kumar was very close to us, he was an integral part of Bombay Talkies Family. He left a legacy for the people to remember it forever. I had been lucky enough to have met him many times, Dilip kumar was an humble man with great sense of humour. I am deeply saddened by his demise."

Dilip Kumar born on 11 December 1922 was referred as The Tragedy King and has been credited for bringing a distinct form of method acting technique to cinema.