Rajnarayan Dube The Boss Of Himasnshu Rai and Bombay Talkies

Rajnarayan Dube the Biggest financier of Asia and The Pillar Of Indian Cinema founded The Biggest Film Company of Asia BOMBAY TALKIES along with Himanshu Rai & Devika Rani in 1934.

Under Command of Rajnarayan Dube Bombay Talkies produced & Processed More Than 450 Films, Launched more than 280 legends, Distributed 259 movies, Built 400 Cinema Hall & Financed more than 700 films.

The Bombay Talkies Studios' story is full of magic and colour. In the ’30s, the movie business was supposed to be a ‘dirty business’. People would talk about movies, but many wouldn’t even consider going to watch one. There seemed to be a lack of respect for the profession because it was being considered the domain of undesirable sections of the then Indian society. Due to this, financiers during those times would face an impossible challenge when it came to getting returns on their investment.

It was after giving back to back flop movies in the UK that during this hunt of financiers for his survival, Himanshu Rai, a London return flop actor/theatre artist, struggling after ruining his career in the UK came in contact with Abhimanyu Singh, a close friend of the business tycoon Seth Badriprasad Dube, who was a well-known financier. He introduced Himanshu Rai to Seth Badriprasad Dube with a dream of making a cinema company but Seth Badriprasad declined the proposal of funding him because Seth Badriprasad had once financed the firs