Multiplex Should be Banned for getting under the hands of Movie Mafias Says Kamini Dube

The Most eminent Personality Of India Sanskrit Bharati Kamini Dube says that Indian Cinema is dying due to Multiplex getting under the hands of Movie Mafias.

Kamini Dube revealed about her thoughts on the shutdown of theatres and it's importance in an interview with National News Agency.

Kamini Dube says that many emerging Artists and Filmmakers are not getting the opportunity and appreciation they deserve. Humanity and Indianism have died with a growing culture. Multiplex theatres should be alleged to release all the censored movies in India. Also, the Government should get involved and make sure all the movies reach theatres.

Multiplexes only release movies of established actors and well-known productions as they only want people to buy popcorns and sell expensive tickets. Multiplex is not affordable for common people. Multiplex has made the cinema overpriced, We should remember, “Cinema is Mirror of Society and Society Is Mirror of Cinema” hence Cinema should not be so expensive says Kamini Dube.

Sanskrit Bhushan, Sanskrit Ratna, and Sanskrit Bharti Kamini Dube said Movies which are based on Indianism and Indian culture never reach the audience, budding and ordinary Moviemakers never get a chance to realease their movies. Normal people buy expensive movie tickets and high-priced popcorns and Refreshments in a multiplex which is a business for the owners. People waste so much money on watching movies which aren’t giving any exposure to Indianism and Indian culture so we should ban Multiplex. It's Important to keep the theatres shut down and people should watch movies on the OTT platform for their own safety, says Kamini Dube. Theatres should be banned due to safety issues and lack of ventilation. People should stop going to theatres as we can watch the movies at home on OTT.

Theatres should be banned as they are not necessity of common people and only beneficial for the Movie mafi