Megastar Aazaad thanked City Magistrate of Gonda for her vital efforts.

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit, Bhonsala Military School Alumnus and Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Aazaad thanked City Magistrate of Gonda for her efforts to keep a check on Black Marketing in the City of Gonda. City Magistrate along with her Police Force is enforcing Police raids on several Shops, which are alleged for Black Marketing.

On the contrary, Megastar Aazaad along with the Bombay Talkies Team and renowned film producer Kamini Dube is working 24x7 to maintain social awareness for people regarding Corona Virus Safety. Megastar Aazaad is making vital efforts to keep people safe by Making Short films on Corona Warriors, which portrays the work of Doctors and Policemen of rescuing people from Corona Virus Outbreak. The Bombay Talkies Team along Kamini Dube is keeping people socially aware by showcasing different Videos on Corona Safety on their YouTube Platform.

Megastar Aazaad is one of the World's biggest Corona Warrior Internationally as he is making world aware by Making Films & Videos on Disaster