Megastar Aazaad returned from Europe

Megastar Aazaad has returned to India with his team. The Nationalist filmmaker was recently in Europe to finalize the essentials for the world premiere of his ambitious film Aham Brahmasmi which is the first mainstream Sanskrit film in world history with the aim of globalizing India's eternal civilization and culture.

Megastar Aazaad was traveling to many cities including London, Birmingham and studied the civilization-culture and human life there during this time. Megastar Aazaad, who went out in the campaign for global propagation of Sanskrit and Indian culture through his first mainstream Sanskrit film of world history Aham Brahmasmi, communicated with the different organizations and individuals there. Delivered intense discussions with Sanskrit scholars. Foreign Sanskrit lovers also welcomed Aazaad’s cultural nationalism campaign openly and offered their full support.

Educated and trained from the military school, Aazaad toured the length and breadth of India many times and vowed to make India the Sanatan Bharat again. Aazaad, who was full of nationalist ideas, started his cinematic journey with the brilliant nationalist film Rashtraputra, which was seen and appreciated by the world community at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in France. During his Europe trip, Megastar Aazaad also visited the residence of legendary playwright William Shakespeare and paid tribute to Shakespeare's marvelous artistry. Aazaad interacted with the public outside Shakespeare's home on Shakespeare's literary work. Wherever Megastar Aazaad goes, whatever be in front of his eyes, but India remains in his eyes. While interacting with Shakespeare lovers from all over the world, Megastar Aazaad introduced our great and timeless writers like Valmiki, Veda Vyasa, Kalidasa, Bhasa, Shudraka with minute detailing. Aazaad asserted that India's invaluable heritage was lost in the darkness of slavery. In the period of thousand-year-old slavery and the barbaric acts of Islamic invaders, we were unable to promote and protect our artistic jewels. Millions of books and manuscripts kept burning for months at Nalanda University, the world's oldest international education center by the barbaric and uncivilized Bakhtiyar Khilji.