God is everywhere, Megastar Aazaad

Conferred with the title of Sanskrit Mahanayak, the international brand ambassador of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & Tamil Megastar Aazaad, said that God is everywhere for simple-hearted people. Every moment he is with them in one form or another. Aazaad said that what glory would be given to those, who perform charity and help, whoever knows this, will know God. Aazaad made a statement that a child was selling flowers barefoot in the afternoon, people were bargaining with him!

A gentleman saw his feet and was very sad. He immediately brought the shoes from a nearby shop and gave it to the child and said: Son put on the shoes. The boy put on the shoes quickly and became very happy . The boy asked holding the man's hand; "Are you, God"…?

That man said in fear, no son, I am not God, then the boy said, surely you must be a friend of God

Because I prayed to God last night that my feet burn a lot, give me shoes…

The man got tears in his eyes and went away. But he knew that it is not too difficult to be a friend of God, nature has made two ways in this world,

(1) Go by giving

(2) or leave it

There is no arrangement for carrying.