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Maharishi Aazaad will treat the whole world from Coronavirus & other deadly diseases by Ancient Indian Lifestyle

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Student of military school, International brand ambassador of sanskrit, Sanskrit Shiromani, Sanskrit Kalanidhi and Sanskrit Mahanayak, The Ultimate Megastar of World Maharishi Aazaad, who, through the proclamation of Aham Brahmasmi spreaded the Brahmavakya of Vedas to every corner of world, said that "The only way to save the world from deadly disease like coronavirus and otherss is to make the world acquaint with Ancient Indian Lifestyle. Regardless of whether Coronavirus Vaccine is available or not, I'll treat the whole world with Ancient Indian Lifestyle. Not only coronavirus Disease but several other Major diseases can be cured by using Ancient Indian Lifestyle. I want the world to get rid of every major disease present today.”


Before the coronavirus Pandemic, Maharishi Aazaad travelled through Europe for promoting Indian Medicinal technologies in the region. He visited top universities, which are working for cultural revival in Europe and their Scholars, who are accustomed with the Indian Vedic Science. Since then Maharishi Aazaad has been in contact with several Scholars for the propagation of Indian Culture Worldwide in the time ahead.

Maharishi Aazaad who is currently in New Delhi for the preparation of Vishwa Sanskrit Maha Sammelan, in an interview to International News Bureau said that "Ancient Indian Lifestyle is the root for eradicating such deadly diseases. The Indian way of living is the oldest style of living in the world. Indian Lifestyle is the solution to every health problem in the world which is persisting today.

In fact, Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicinal technologies and on the other hand Yoga is the solution to any mental or physical problem. Such is the foundation of our culture. It's the Indian culture and Ancient lifestyle which is not only for a single family but the whole world. It's our culture that instated the thought of Vasudhaiva-Kutumbhkam."

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Maharishi Aazaad is set to embark on a worldwide journey after the month of February 2021. The Ultimate Megastar of World Maharishi Aazaad will be preaching the importance of ancient Indian Lifestyle to people in every corner of the world.

Maharishi Aazaad said that "if the ancient Indian Lifestyle is practiced by all the people of the world then there would be no diseases at all, every person on earth then the world would be living a joyful life. Such is the foundation of this culture and lifestyle. Indian culture is rooted towards the betterment of all the people in the World.

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